Iran Executes Woman

Delara Darabi

Delara Darabi

jezebel reports today that a 23-year-old Iranian woman was executed by the government (without announcement or notification, presumably to avoid the onslaught of international pressure and letter writing that would delay or complicate the action) on charges of murder, something to which she confessed then later retracted.

She confessed to the crime allegedly to protect her boyfriend (who is serving a ten year sentence), as she was a minor at the time and theoretically would not be executed, as it is against international and federal laws.

Further evidence of the shocking lack of due process can be found at Human Rights Watch.

“The execution was carried out at Rasht Central Prison despite a two-month stay of execution in the case issued on April 19, 2009, by the head of the Judiciary.”

Iran is quite fond of capital punishment, and rather cruel and unusual means of delivering the sentence, including stoning and hanging. lists extensively the record of what most would consider human rights abuses, lack of due process, and discrimination.

As the US is currently trying to amend its relationship with Iran, despite things like Iranian President Ahmadi-Nejad’s anti-semitic UN speech, one would think that the country would be trying to shake off a bit of their violent, often religiously ‘justified’, actions and act a bit more like a modern, informed, humanitarian entity.

Depressing as it is, Iran is a powerful country that has no motivation to change. The West is not as powerful as it was, and never had much influence to begin with. Until the extremist religious government is replaced with a genuinely democratic one, which would also have to reflect a population who, on a cultural level, have become entirely disenchanted with religious conservatism, fear of “the West”, and misogyny.

I can only hope that horrible news like this brings Iran closer to a tipping point where the population can stand no more and insist on creating a just system that protects, rather than frightens and smites, its people.

To quote Ahmadi-Nejad: “As the eminent daughter of the Prophet of Islam has said, “justice brings tranquility and harmony to our hearts.””

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