No Vaccine for Men, Women Will Do It…

Be Safe, Guys

Safe Sex is for Men

Birth Control is for Women

Birth Control is for Women

Wouldn’t it be nice if men and women were assumed to be equally responsible for the various costs that come with being sexually active?

Although condoms are generally assumed to be a standard male purchase – about 70% of the market, (while women face slut-shaming if they make such a promiscuous purchase), women are generally assumed to be held responsible for preventing pregnancy, and avoiding STIs, and any health problems that could arise from either, by (paying for and) taking the pill, wearing an IUD, abstaining, and, since condoms are so embarrassing, only having sex with disease-free or condom-carrying persons.

Case in point – this statement from researchers saying vaccinating boys against HPV wouldn’t be “cost effective.” And why is that?

Assuming all girls get the shot, adding boys to a national vaccination program may not be worth the expense, (…) the study assumes that 75 percent of girls will get the vaccine and be protected from cervical cancer.
(emphasis mine)

That’s right – in creating a cost/benefit analysis of this vaccine, the researchers begin by assuming that the entire female population has already been successfully vaccinated.

This is in the US, too, remember, where they still don’t have national healthcare, the uninsured are estimated at anywhere between 20-30% of the population under 65, which might lead a professional medical researcher to assumer that a large percentage of the target population might not even be able to afford to get the vaccine.

“If coverage in girls ends up being low, then vaccinating boys became much more attractive,”

It would make more sense to assume a non-vaccinated population, except that it’s really about sexually active women, and clearly, the ladies are supposed to fend for themselves. Why should guys take responsibility for preventing cervical cancer? (Even though HPV causes cancer in men, too, it’s far less common).

Keep in mind that the pill costs between 15-50$/month (up to 600$ annually), and IUD costs 250$ plus the doctor’s fee for insertion and removal.

Condoms cost .50-1$ a pop – to even equal the cost of an IUD, that’s sex 4.8 times a week (with no side effects).

The cost of the vaccine? 360$ for all three shots.

And men still make 25% more than women.

thanks to slate for the head’s up

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