Those Pesky Feminist Bigots

Evening Standard Headline

This is the cover headline on today’s Evening Standard (article here).

My first thought on reading this headline was, naturally, ‘this is news?’ followed closely by ‘why is this on the cover?’

In actual news today, Moscow’s Domodedovo airport was bombed, and leaked papers give fresh insight (maybe) into the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Also, two Sportscasters get the boot after making sexist comments on air.

Part of me thinks that some lame politician that no one’s ever heard of (Dominic Raab. See?) decided to start broadcasting his sexism and ignorance to get attention, and that the best way to deal with such a deluded nincompoop is to treat his comments with the contempt they deserve.

But of course, London’s (kind of) respected free evening paper had to go and make it the cover story, which lends a kind of second hand dignity to Raab’s asinine comments. Really, Evening Standard, is this an argument that needs rehashing? Do people really need to be reminded that feminism is about equality, and feminist activism is about drawing attention to cultural and infrastructural issues that cause and sustain bigotry? Is the appalling stupidity of claiming that “some of the most flagrant discrimination [is] – against men” not painfully obvious?

Do we really need to point out the false dichotomy Raab invents when he says that if you say people are inherently equal then you can’t complain about extrinsic inequalities? That Raab refers to the “outdated and obsolete equality and diversity agenda” just exaggerates the painful irony of his statement. (As does the image which accompanies the article – a posed portrait of Raab and his wife).

It’s not even a case of the pot calling the kettle black – it’s more like the pot calling the mirror black.

Really, Evening Standard. Is it ever a slow enough news day to make ‘moron says sexist crap’ the main headline?

Even if the subtext is ‘Conservative MP Voices Underlying Sexism and Racism in Party Platform.’


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