Healthy Marriage Improves Health

via jezebel

The Daily Mail reports that (happy) marriages keep you healthy. More so than long term relationships without the official title.

“Analysis of 148 studies of social relationships found their legal status and the amount of emotional support involved were linked to death rates, with marriage coming out on top. There is no evidence available to judge the health of people in civil partnerships,” said Dr Gallacher.
Exclusive and supportive relationships confer substantial mental and physical health benefits that grow over time.
Last year, a World Health Organisation study revealed marriage could reduce the risk of anxiety and depression and those who tied the knot were much less likely to suffer the blues than those who stayed single.

Therefore: marriage should be available to all, not just the straight folks, as it is unfairly denying potential physical and mental health advantages to a subset of the population.

Also worth noting, staying single is way better for your health than being in an unhappy relationship. (I’m looking at you Lori Gottlieb).

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