The Disappearing Bradley Manning

edit – this has been edited because the ‘after’ photo is a different Bradley Manning. Thanks, commenter. My bad. Still, the info is correct and troubling regarding Manning’s inhumane treatment.

Bradley Manning, if you’ve forgotten, is the US private accused of providing all of those exciting cables to Wikileaks.

What with all the news about Wikileaks and the Assange extradition hearing – including the debate over alleged victims rights to privacy and whether it’s a valid case at all, it seems like everyone’s forgotten about the guy who’s already in custody.

Bradley Manning has not yet been put on trial.

After apparently this is some other guy. Sorry.

According to Amnesty, he’s been in solitary confinement, and his lawyer maintains that the conditions of his detention are unduly harsh. He was charged in the summer of last year, and his pre-trial hearing, according to wikipedia, isn’t due until May 2011.

Yes. Manning will have been held, without trial, for nearly a year. He was due to undergo psychological testing this month to see if he could even stand trial. Because, see, being held in solitary can fuck you up.

Glenn Greenwald covered some of the questionable circumstances surrounding Manning’s imprisonment at in December.

But what now?

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