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Pepsi’s Amp for Shallow Sexists! Yummy.

Hyperactivity is *so* hot

Hyperactivity is *so* hot

Jezebel pokes fun at a new iPhone ap (no wait, it gets better). This is an application, sponsored by Pepsi to promote their ‘energy drink’ – Amp.

This helpful application gives guys (yes, Amp is for hetero males, obviously) tips on how to pick up women (“score”), keep a list of their conquests (achieved, of course, with the infallible info from Pepsi’s crack team of experts), and advertise their ‘success’ (and, by extension, the beverage) via various networking sites .

Marketing genius, no?

The ap helps the user identify one of the 24 types of women (including ‘married’ ‘sorority girl’ and ‘trouble’), then provides factoids which the user can present as information they actually knew, which, presumably, gets these easily identified women to take their pants off.

I was going to joke that the ‘married’ pick-up line has something to do with current statistics on divorce, but it suddenly occurred to me that is actually probably exactly what the program contains.

What’s depressing about this is that it is being promoted by a major company; sexism, hetero-normativism, and general chauvinism is nothing new, but every time an advertiser thinks that portraying these ideations as normal, healthy, and ‘cool’ women lose out. The company is deciding that female consumers don’t matter, and that male consumers (and this is equally insulting to men) are straight, juvenile, and shallow.

You wouldn’t catch Coke with their pants down like this.




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